A downloadable game for Windows

You are in Ropasci Forest, where some evil creatures are waiting to defy you in a 1 vs 1 Rock Paper Scissor duel. Escape through the forest by keeping all of your fingers or tricking your adversaries. 

You will be rewarded by winnng matches, but if you loose they will keep one of your fingers by eating them, cutting them or who knows what else... You can trick them, though! Use fake wood or meat fingers in order to keep yours, and pray so that they don't notice the deception...

Controls: AWSD to move, Click to Start battles and advance texts. Drag to prepare your move.


Programming: Geri {main}, Nenrei {map area assistance}

Art: FJLink {main}, Shutwig {battle backgrounds}

Sound: Clip & Crash (Dan Liver)

Install instructions

It's possible that you might start with no fingers and end up stuck in a no-win situation. If that's the case please restart the exe to try playing again.


Ropasci Forest.zip 38 MB


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The idea itself is very interesting. Though half the game (mainly the losing/deceiving the enemy) wouldn't work for me even after I reset the game. Otherwise, the game is interesting.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont